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Cover of 9 Days at Dragoon Springs-S442

9 Days at Dragoon Springs

Author:de la Garza, Phyllis
A sneak attack in the night brought terrible wounds to the builders of the Dragoon Springs station on the Overland Stage route. Of the three wounded men, only one had a hope of surviving. The others would die in agony.

The men were found days after the attack and long after the buzzards, maggots, and Cochise had arrived... Read more: 9 Days at Dragoon Springs


Cover of Ancestral Voices-S257

Ancestral Voices

Author:Diem Vardamis, Frances

A naked male corpse in a city basement starts a trail to ancient Balkan blood feuds and modern terrorists. Detective Yannis Lavonis of the Athens Police Force befriends the victim's sister and a young Greek-American trying to change the world. In a gruelling race against time Lavonis and his young assistants track them to a mountain hide-out and a dramatic rescue... Read more: Ancestral Voices


Cover of Bullpen-S572


Author:Morreale, P
Steed Wilson, an investigator for Tucson-based Arizona HorseLife Insurance Company, is hired to keep an eye on the vivacious teenage wife of a major league baseball player. Steed must deal with the girl’s explosive temper as well as a crowd of rodeo bull riders determined to use her... Read more: Bullpen


Cover of Death for Dinner: The Benders of (old) Kansas-S837

Death for Dinner: The Benders of (old) Kansas

Author:de la Garza, Phyllis
Members of the Bender family of 1870s’ Kansas are known for running their murder inn by luring in their guests and killing them for their money. Before being caught, they fled Kansas and were never found. The true story of the mysterious family is now explored in a new light... Read more: Death for Dinner: The Benders of (old) Kansas


Cover of Disappearance of Lucinda-7619

Disappearance of Lucinda

Author:de la Garza, Phyllis

A dead horse, a missing woman—"another Indian depredation", it was called. Luther McCane knew his older sister, Lucinda, had not fallen into the hands of Indians. But proving it was something else.

Does Luther know what happened to Lucinda? Does anyone? His adversary, El Cajon,  is not a man to mess with... Read more: Disappearance of Lucinda


Cover of Early Sky-Watchers in Botticcelli's Florence-S886

Early Sky-Watchers in Botticcelli's Florence

Author:Jones, Tom O.

Speculative Fiction, Magical Fantasy, the novels of Tom O Jones defy description. They are however a feast of learning and erudition underlying a fantastical, fictional, coming together of ancient prophets, Greek philosohers, Renaissance artists and 19th and 20th century writers, all discussing magic and alchemy, philosophy and science, religion and art in true Renaissance style... Read more: Early Sky-Watchers in Botticcelli's Florence


Cover of G-Girls-S001


Authors:Sweeney, Paula
Pirone, James

Washington, D.C., 1943. The FBI intercepts a series of messages indicating that the Mafia is using old prohibition smuggling routes to aid an Axis plot to invade Washington. Special Agent Spencer Bradley is ordered by J. Edgar Hoover to devise and carry out a pre-emptive strike... Read more: G-Girls


Cover of Getting Back at Boo-S133

Getting Back at Boo

Author:Fontenay, Charles L.

Another generation after the problems at Pembroke, Regal Stern, a Master Modal, is called upon by Bonne Forrest, who lost all her property to a charismatic guru and seeks a Modal to rectify the wrong, Soldier Boo, a Magnetic who has used his charisma to acquire a fanatically devoted following, and often to steal their property, is the man from whom Bonne may or may not want vengeance... Read more: Getting Back at Boo


Cover of Gun Barrels-S398

Gun Barrels

Author:Morreale, P

When five horses belonging to a dwarf country-and-western singer die in a fire of suspicious origins, the aggrieved Arizona HorseLife Insurance Company turns to investigator Steed Wilson to prove fraud.

Steed may be the best that the insurance company can find, but he is having a bad time of it because his wife went missing three years ago, and what kind of investigator is he if he cannot find his own wife?

And now he rapidly finds that this new assignment lies somewhere between thankless and impossible—dangerous territory for even the most intrepid man... Read more: Gun Barrels


Cover of Hell Horse Winter of the Apache Kid-7527

Hell Horse Winter of the Apache Kid

Author:de la Garza, Phyllis
Hannah Lang was driven from her family ranch by Packer, the man who married and murdered her sister.

In the hills were a few Apaches, including most notably the Apache Kids who had a $15,000 bounty on his head.  Hannah ran to them looking for help but not willing to pay the Apache Kid's price to enable him to make a new life for himself... Read more: Hell Horse Winter of the Apache Kid


Cover of Hidden Casualties: Battles on the Home Front-S354

Hidden Casualties: Battles on the Home Front

Authors:Raye, Sara
Warren, Sandra

This the true account of single parent, Sergeant Sara Raye who returned injured from service in Desert Storm to discover that her ex-husband had stolen custody of her three children. Citing violation of the Soldiers and Sailors Civil Relief Act, she goes to war using public appeal, orders from Washington, and an unprecedented National Guard JAG officer's appearance in Domestic Court... Read more: Hidden Casualties: Battles on the Home Front


Cover of Hot Paints-S565

Hot Paints

Author:Morreale, P

Steed Wilson is on the trail of some stolen horses when he catches sight of his wife, who has been missing for more than three years. This is his chance to solve the most personal mystery as he works on another insurance case. But the truth is bad, and the more he learns, the worse it is... Read more: Hot Paints


Cover of Journeys. A Collection of Short Stories-S534

Journeys. A Collection of Short Stories

Author:Sullivan, Paul
Paul Sullivan’s collection of short stories, Journeys, includes fifteen well-written moments, each of them plunging the reader into the world of a character that is at an exciting, terrifying, or devastating point. The reader travels with Sullivan from the Arctic Sound, where a Inuit boy is hunting seal with his father for the first time, to Africa, where a safari hunting guide finds himself so guilty over the kill of a respected leopard, he begins to believe that the leopard’s ghost is after him... Read more: Journeys. A Collection of Short Stories


Cover of Lost Roundup-6056

Lost Roundup

Author:de la Garza, Phyllis

In drought-stricken Arizona, twenty-four- year-old Azalea Brown suddenly finds herself a widow.  She has three hundred head of cattle and a dozen saddle horses, but no money as her husband had gambled it all away. What is more, she has no official papers to prove the ownership of her herd... Read more: Lost Roundup


Cover of MODAL: A Tale of Mind and Body, Love and Heroism in a Possible Future World (Hardcover)-S02-8

MODAL: A Tale of Mind and Body, Love and Heroism in a Possible Future World (Hardcover)

Author:Fontenay, Charles L.
“Action and ideas, adventure and intellect… Modal is terrific science fiction” Ben Bova

“All in all, a book that keeps one reading in gulps to see what is happening next.” Andre Norton

“At last, a literary science fiction novel!’" Gary Roen

Set in an America in which global warming is raising the sea level and driving desperate coastal populations inland... Read more: MODAL: A Tale of Mind and Body, Love and Heroism in a Possible Future World (Hardcover)


MODAL: A Tale of Mind and Body, Love and Heroism, in a Possible Future World (Paperback)

Author:Fontenay, Charles L.
See description for the Hardcover edition


Cover of Overmind-1412


Author:Coffin, Bill
Online Offer:$7.99

An incredible discovery made the ultimate quest seem possible. Using the incomparable prowess of Fyfe Carale, six of the most gifted individuals in the universe were gathered to pool their minds to try to communicate directly with God.


Cover of Parker's Blood-S362

Parker's Blood

Author:Miller, William

A famous college/pro football player, Dave Parker, hires a small-time private investigator, Ray Spelling, to help him make payoffs to a blackmailer. But Parker is murdered, and there are too many suspects: the KKK-a neo-Klan group, a militant black leader, and the man who is blackmailing him... Read more: Parker's Blood


Cover of Pity the Children-S230

Pity the Children

Author:Diem Vardamis, Frances

Lavonis is responsible for security at the 2004 Olympic Games, and he must deal with the murder of the teenaged son of an American CIA agent on a cultural visit. This leads him and his young assistants to the underworld of human traffickers and to the morass of high-level corruption... Read more: Pity the Children


Cover of Power Vector-S441

Power Vector

Authors:Seal, Gyla Beth
Taylor, January
Online Offer:$7.99

What happens when a mega power company invests its payload in a seemingly natural way to create energy and reap huge profits, then covers up a drastic miscalculation that threatens to mutate all life on Earth?

Power-plays are explored on multiple levels through very real characters engaged in family life, backroom business, politics and a love story... Read more: Power Vector


Cover of Railroad Avenue-5400

Railroad Avenue

Author:de la Garza, Phyllis

Phyllis de la Garza has proven herself a master storyteller of old Arizona through her numerous published books, both fiction and non-fiction, and magazine articles. Even many of her factitious tales are woven with historical characters, places, and events... Read more: Railroad Avenue


Cover of Road Kill-S541

Road Kill

Author:Morreale, P

There is trouble at the Bannister place. Too many deaths, too many insurance claims, and a strange marriage. When the insurance claims get too expensive, Steed Wilson\'s fee for investigating seems very modest. Steed\'s mind is still on his wife, who disappeared, but he is too good an investigator not to sort out the puzzle presented to him... Read more: Road Kill


Cover of Russian Doll-S095

Russian Doll

Author:Diem Vardamis, Frances

The brutal murder of a beautiful Norwegian leads to international complexities. Her lovers were from many countries and her ex-husband was an American diplomat. A compelling story of human passions with a violent, gut-wrenching climax. Captain Yannis Lavonis of the Athens Police Force is yet again caught up in an intense drama with international implications... Read more: Russian Doll


Cover of SACHA, The Dog Who Made It To The Palace-S285

SACHA, The Dog Who Made It To The Palace

Author:Surman, Susan
Online Offer:$7.99

There are dogs who can read and write and use a computer...and that's the way it is.

This is the story of London's SACHA, an 'orphan' mongrel with a succession of owners, and GEORGE, a King Charles spaniel with Royal blood and the pampered pet of the Webster-Wedderburns... Read more: SACHA, The Dog Who Made It To The Palace


Cover of Second Sight-S206

Second Sight

Author:Kipfer, Roger

Research psychiatrist Jim Riley discovers in a mutant gene in the brain cells of Garwell, a seemingly comatose, deaf and blind patient who has never known a normal life. The gene enables him to see what is happening in someone else’s brain and to project whatever image he wants into his mind... Read more: Second Sight


Cover of Selling America-S389

Selling America

Author:Tolnay, Tom

Selling America is a volume of 18 stories each very different from the other but each with on the theme of commercial transactions--selling and buying in all its forms--and their impact on the people and culture of the United States.

Can you keep your humanity and integrity whilst driving a hard bargain on which your own livelihood depends? A door-to-door salesman selling products of dubious value is finally disturbed by a string of successes... Read more: Selling America


Cover of Silk and Sagebrush: Young Women of the Old West-S192

Silk and Sagebrush: Young Women of the Old West

Author:de la Garza, Phyllis

A collection of episodes from the lives of remarkable women of the old west, including Mrs. Mo-cho-rook, Fanny Stenhouse, Belle Starr, Carry Nation, Big Nose Kate, Elizabeth Custer, Madame Mustache, Kitty Le Roy, Apache May, Calamity Jane, Julie Bulette, Charlie Pankhurst, Ella Ewing, Adelita, Belle Boyd, Mattie Blaylock, Kate Bender, Janette Riker, Anna Surratt and others... Read more: Silk and Sagebrush: Young Women of the Old West


Cover of Song of the Good Woman-S184

Song of the Good Woman

Author:Yeomans, Sara
Online Offer:$7.99

An emotionally-rich comedy, and an uplifting life-story. Our heroine's highs and lows speak to all mothers who have struggled to support their children on their own and to all women searching for self-fulfilment.

At the outset, she is a housewife with two teenage daughters and a toddler, a philosophy degree and a husband of little more utility... Read more: Song of the Good Woman


Target Grant

Author:Fontenay, Charles L.

A time-travel novel by a veteran science fiction author.

Vick, a World War II veteran, one of the liberators of Auschwitz, and a dedicated patriotic son of the South, takes a trip back to 1862 to shoot Grant and change the outcome of the Civil War... Read more: Target Grant


Cover of The Bog Spell-S358X

The Bog Spell

Author:Sackett, Mike
Online Offer:$7.99

This is the story of Joseph McNulty, an immigrant to the New World following the Starving Time in 19th century Ireland. Historical background is meticulously accurate and the eerie tale against the stark reality is so beautifully conveyed that it is at once shocking, yet sensitive... Read more: The Bog Spell


Cover of The Earp Gamble-S503

The Earp Gamble

Author:de la Garza, Phyllis

The women involved with the Earps and Doc Holliday gambled everything on their men: their lives, fortunes and happiness. From their perspective, Phyllis de la Garza has stripped away the varnish that layers the Earp myth. She exposes the reality of gamblers and killers out to control Cochise County and in so doing replaces romantized legend with real people... Read more: The Earp Gamble


Cover of The Greatest Summer Job in the Whole, Wide World-S117

The Greatest Summer Job in the Whole, Wide World

Author:Hecker, Robert L.
Online Offer:$7.99

Fresh out of college and looking for a summer job, Calvin didn't get the accountant's job at the Toluca Casino at Lake Tahoe. But being a busboy/shill/exotic dancer/Romeo had rewards he never dreamed of.

The ladies clustered: sensuous, gorgeous movie-star Fifi, tempestuous dancer Rosie Blaise and the lovely, unsettling Connie... Read more: The Greatest Summer Job in the Whole, Wide World


Cover of The Iron Horse-S176

The Iron Horse

Author:de la Garza, Phyllis

Iris had to make a decision: give herself to the heartless Rafe Benedict or suffer his wrath. She chose the second: he gave her ten days to move her three hundred roaming horses from his range, or he and his hands would shoot them all.

Her brother, Cal, crippled though he was, tied himself to his horse to ride and convinced Iris's old suitor, Will, to help... Read more: The Iron Horse


Cover of The Toadstool-S23X

The Toadstool

Author:de la Force, Beatrice
Online Offer:$7.99

in response to a frantic phone call from her young aunt, Carrie Danwin returns to the family ranch near Baja, California to find her older aunt dead from mushroom poisoning and the younger missing.

Sure that the death ws not accidental, because Aunt Orva was a botanist, Carrie's search for answers alienates her from the members of her family, who are all suspects, and makes her the murderer's next target... Read more: The Toadstool


Cover of The Warm Hello-S052

The Warm Hello

Author:Brody, Dylan
Online Offer:$7.99

When aliens send a psychic greeting to the people of Earth, the broadcast causes widespread pain among humans. Accustomed to lives of repressed regret, the people of Earth are ill-prepared for communication that touches their innermost thoughts, their spirits, their most secret sadness... Read more: The Warm Hello


Cover of Time Running Out-S592

Time Running Out

Author:Vardemis, Frances Diem
Precious icons were being stolen from monasteries and churches around Greece.  Captain Yannis Lavonis was the  
veteran policeman recruited to  discover the thieves and recover the  precious national treasure.  He was chosen because his  English was good, and it was  assumed that the icons were going west to  American buyers... Read more: Time Running Out


Cover of Torn From The Sun-S358

Torn From The Sun

Author:Sullivan, Paul

An incalculable Inca treasure lay hidden in the mountains of Peru.  It was a secret that Pizarroís men could not crack. 

Paul Sullivan deftly explores the interactions between Inca and Inca, Spaniard and Spaniard, Inca and Spaniard, and modern treasure hunters of secrets long buried... Read more: Torn From The Sun


Cover of Turned to Bronze-7718

Turned to Bronze

Author:Shaw, Jim

A collection of short stories: Prisoner of War, The Last Cowboy, Endangered Species, Creamsicle Skies, Second-Class Citizens, Frankie and Lonnie, A Special Gift for the Pigeon Man, What Goes Around Comes Around, Lady Midas, The Comedian, The Legend of Mirror Lake, Three Nellies, Dancing with Stella, Did He Win?

These stories range from the story of the Vietnam veteran who is visited by the bronze soldiers in the memorial before he can finally get some peace, to men remembering the kids in school who were bullied; from a hunter lost in the wilds saved by a Native American, to a businesswoman who finds she has money but at the crucial time no friends; from old men who are allowed to live and thrive on their stories, to how to survive when left behind in a hurricane... Read more: Turned to Bronze


Cover of Vermont Sea Glass-S459

Vermont Sea Glass

Author:Diem Vardamis, Frances

A further adventure of Yannis Lavonis of the Athens Police as he scheduled for an extended period of rest and relaxation in Vermont. But when the house is provided by the CIA, and the local policeman has a clandestine past, rest and relaxation have a way of becoming murder and mayhem... Read more: Vermont Sea Glass


Cover of Walpurgis Night-S079

Walpurgis Night

Author:Vance, Steve
Online Offer:$7.99

A tale of action, adventure, horror and mystery, driven by blazing energy to a doubly explosive climax. Leaves the reader gasping for the resolution amid unforgettable images.

The year is 2020. Kassel, California, a West Coast German enclave, derives a majority of its income from Stockton Tower, a huge, vertical mall, a 53-story shopping complex just three-quarters of a mile offshore... Read more: Walpurgis Night


Cover of When Duty Called: Even Grandma Had to Go-S346

When Duty Called: Even Grandma Had to Go

Authors:Kwiatkowski, Dianah
Warren, Sandra

A 47 year-old Catholic nurse, wife, mother and grandmother from Ohio joined the Army Reserves in 1990 to obtain an advanced degree. Only a few months later she and her fellow medics found themselves deployed to Saudia Arabia to serve in Operation Desert Shield and Desert Storm... Read more: When Duty Called: Even Grandma Had to Go


Cover of Widow's Peak-5912

Widow's Peak

Author:de la Garza, Phyllis

We are introduced to Lorna Bonner, wrongly accused of murdering her husband and determined to regain the love and trust of her son, Clay Junior.  During the three tough years she spends in jail eleven-year-old Clay has been raised wild by his rough and vicious uncles, behaving without manners or regard for anyone... Read more: Widow's Peak


Cover of Works of Thy Hands-S2990

Works of Thy Hands

Authors:Seal, Gyla Beth
Taylor, January

“...feels more ‘serious’ than science fiction...powerful.” Locus Magazine

Finalist 1997 Golden Duck Award for Excellence in Science Fiction

A young man discovers that his mother, a scientist, has been working secretly on a DNA project and has successfully bred children —two boys and a girl... Read more: Works of Thy Hands