Cover of Widow's Peak - 5912

Widow's Peak

Author:de la Garza, Phyllis
Genre:Westerns; The Old West
Order Code:5912

We are introduced to Lorna Bonner, wrongly accused of murdering her husband and determined to regain the love and trust of her son, Clay Junior.  During the three tough years she spends in jail eleven-year-old Clay has been raised wild by his rough and vicious uncles, behaving without manners or regard for anyone. Gaining her unexpected freedom, she must live on their ranch, endure their rough treatment and the unthinking cruel disregard by her son until such time as she learns the truth of who killed her husband.

But it takes more deaths, stampeding horses, and a  tense shoot-out before Lorna can show her son her true mettle and how he had been deceived.
Phyllis de la Garza returns with another cracking good story of the Old West.