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Lost Roundup

Author:de la Garza, Phyllis
Genre:The Old West
Order Code:6056

In drought-stricken Arizona, twenty-four- year-old Azalea Brown suddenly finds herself a widow.  She has three hundred head of cattle and a dozen saddle horses, but no money as her husband had gambled it all away. What is more, she has no official papers to prove the ownership of her herd.

The scheming Josefina Brown de Flores claims to be her husband’s long-lost daughter and steals Azalea’s herd before anyone can stop her. Who can Azalea trust to ride with her on a roundup to claim her rightful property? Coming along are two frightened girls escaping from a violent saloon owner; the choice for them seems to be bedroom or kitchen, and they want neither!

Life on the cattle drive, with all its dust and dangers, centers on the chuck wagon and its pots and pans and sacks of corn. The author gives us mouth-watering details of making egg gravy, black bean frijoles, and molasses pie. There are also calves to eat, goats, and even rattlers seasoned with herbs and spices, to add to the pot.

Phyllis de la Garza brings all her knowledge of the Old West to her storytelling skills, bringing vividly to life the dust and dangers of a vast cattle drive and the struggle for women to survive and thrive.

Lost Roundup is also available as an ibook.