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Turned to Bronze

Author:Shaw, Jim
Genre:Short Stories
Order Code:7718

A collection of short stories: Prisoner of War, The Last Cowboy, Endangered Species, Creamsicle Skies, Second-Class Citizens, Frankie and Lonnie, A Special Gift for the Pigeon Man, What Goes Around Comes Around, Lady Midas, The Comedian, The Legend of Mirror Lake, Three Nellies, Dancing with Stella, Did He Win?

These stories range from the story of the Vietnam veteran who is visited by the bronze soldiers in the memorial before he can finally get some peace, to men remembering the kids in school who were bullied; from a hunter lost in the wilds saved by a Native American, to a businesswoman who finds she has money but at the crucial time no friends; from old men who are allowed to live and thrive on their stories, to how to survive when left behind in a hurricane.

Some stories are haunting; others are achingly sweet. The author says all have a theme of “learning to be somebody decent and dignified in a crazy world.” Each one will make you smile or make you think. Each one will help you “walk in another’s shoes.”

Jim Shaw is from Port Richey, Florida. He has a Bachelor of Science in Education, and a Master of Education in Guidance and Counseling from Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan. He was an English teacher and counselor for thirty years in Michigan's Utica Community Schools. He has been married to Julie for 46 years.They have two grandchildren and an adopted feral cat named Friday. He says he was a decent ball player into his forties, and still loves bowling and fishing.

About his stories in Turned to Bronze:  “There is still something special about the short story. Short stories are like vitamins: You take one a day and let it work and be absorbed in your mind until it can even change how you think and feel.  As a counselor, I often brought a short story into classrooms to help start discussions about really important things.  You don't TELL people anything; let them experience something, and they will tell you what it means.  Every story in Turned to Bronze is either about bullying or learning to be somebody decent and dignified in a crazy world.  Bullying is so much more than getting a weaker classmate in an inescapable headlock.  We bully by the things we do and say and the attitudes we share with unwilling others.”

His young adult novel, Molly’s Stallion, is published by Royal Fireworks Press.