Cover of G-Girls - S001


Authors:Sweeney, Paula
Pirone, James
Genre:Romance; Crime Fiction
Order Code:S001

Washington, D.C., 1943. The FBI intercepts a series of messages indicating that the Mafia is using old prohibition smuggling routes to aid an Axis plot to invade Washington. Special Agent Spencer Bradley is ordered by J. Edgar Hoover to devise and carry out a pre-emptive strike. Bradley faces a shortage of manpower for the first phase of the operation, which must discover the missing pieces of the puzzle. He turns to government women, G-Girls, who are working desk jobs abandoned by men who have gone to war. Tough and idealistic, Bradley dares to train the G-Girls as FBI Mata Haris.

Doris Payton, anxious for intrigue and glamour, and Livia Rocco, fervently pro-American, infiltrate Don Biaggio’s mansion—-and his nephew’s heart. The FBI ambush is on, but it turns into a bloody blunder because the “saboteurs” who Gianni has been smuggling turn out to be Jewish families desperate to escape the Nazis.

Period ambiance is established quickly, and characters come alive. This is an emotional cast that is swept along in a war-time vortex of intrigue and romance:

Daring and head-strong Doris Peyton, 20ish, bold, brash and blonde. Her love for Special Agent Spencer Bradly and her country sets her on a path that could destroy her family and her own future.

Livia Rocco, 20ish, down-to-earth luscious beauty who allows herself to be led into the dangerous world of the Washington Mafia and the arms of the handsome, young Don, Gianni Antonelli, who steals her heart but is powerless to protect it.

Leona Diggs, 20ish, light-skinned and passing for a white Tidewater socialite whose troubled past re-emerges when the father she thought she’d lost returns.

Hank Peyton, 20ish, charming and fun-loving, who returns from war to wed his childhood sweetheart, but instead comes to terms with his homosexuality.

Tough and wise-cracking Virginia Hughes, 30ish, who loses everything because of her affair with Doris’ 14-year-old brother, Billy, of the high energy and raging hormones.

Esther Davis, 40ish, African American, motherly, proud of her heritage, who seeks balance in these hectic times and offers family support.

Kate Peyton, Doris’ mother, 40ish, independent and running the boarding house that is home to the girls.

J. Edgar Hoover, infamous head of the FBI.

G-Girls is based on fact: There was a boarding house in DC that was home to several of the characters. Kate was den mother to the girls. Doris did surveillance for the FBI, Leona did try to pass for white, Virginia did have an affair with Doris’ young brother, and Hank returned home to marry his sweetheart, but ran off with a male nurse instead. Livia worked for the Censorship Department in New York and knew a Mafia henchman who helped a Jewish family escape the Holocaust. Jewish families did pay to use Black Market ships to escape to safety. Hoover did suspect subversive groups of planing an invasion of DC from within and using Black Market ships to transport ammunition and spies.

Veteran screenwriters, the authors wrote and co-produced the Emmy Award winning ABC After School Special “Daddy Can’t Read,” wrote episodes for Michael Landon’s “Highway To Heaven” TV series, and the teen TV sitcom “Out Of This World.” They also authored the Jake Montana Mystery Series.