Target Grant

Author:Fontenay, Charles L.
Genre:Science Fiction
Order Code:S01X

A time-travel novel by a veteran science fiction author.

Vick, a World War II veteran, one of the liberators of Auschwitz, and a dedicated patriotic son of the South, takes a trip back to 1862 to shoot Grant and change the outcome of the Civil War. He intends to kill Grant with a sniper shot as he rides with a single aide to take charge of the battle leading to the fall of Fort Donelson. With a knowledge of Grant’s itinerary as well as of events in that part of Tennessee and a carbine from his infantry days, Vick cannot fail to bring Grant down. But once he is back in the South of 1862, all is not as he expected, and he finds that he is compelled to make unanticipated moral choices.

Charles Fontenay is not only an award-winning science fiction author, but also he was for many years an editor of the Daily Tennessean. He has painted an excellently detailed and rich picture of Tennessee in 1862.