Cover of Walpurgis Night - S079

Walpurgis Night

Author:Vance, Steve
Genre:Science Fiction
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A tale of action, adventure, horror and mystery, driven by blazing energy to a doubly explosive climax. Leaves the reader gasping for the resolution amid unforgettable images.

The year is 2020. Kassel, California, a West Coast German enclave, derives a majority of its income from Stockton Tower, a huge, vertical mall, a 53-story shopping complex just three-quarters of a mile offshore. German traditions are strong in Kassel, and the widely celebrated Walpurgis Night, a witch's Sabbath, is approaching. Large and small plans are being laid throughout the town.

The National Medical Complex, where experimental and disturbing medical activities take place in confidence, has scheduled a top-level conference to showcase the powers of the world's greatest natural pyschic.

A goup of monsgter-mad boys have planned an all-night orgy of videos, games and ghost stories. The deranged captor of a 25 year-old daughter of a business tycoon is ready to unleash his full revenge on society in general and the National Medical Complex in particular. Threads of circumstance are soon to  become twisted into the horror of the night!