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Song of the Good Woman

Author:Yeomans, Sara
Genre:Other Fiction
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An emotionally-rich comedy, and an uplifting life-story. Our heroine's highs and lows speak to all mothers who have struggled to support their children on their own and to all women searching for self-fulfilment.

At the outset, she is a housewife with two teenage daughters and a toddler, a philosophy degree and a husband of little more utility. An ironic and ever-hopeful character, she experiences a series of funny and eccentric adventures as she interacts with her neighbors and friends and looks for a purpose in life other than that of wife and mother.

The breakdown of her marriage comes out of the blue. Her description of discovering her husband's affair with a marriage counsellor is both hilarious and heartbreaking. Her experience in psychiatric hospital is similarly closely-observed, without self-pity
and painful. As she comes to terms with what has happened, she also needs to earn a living, and tries a variety of jobs, including driving a bus and river poaching. Discovering a talent for writing (including re-writing The Bible in comic verse, which is read in church), and in performing, she climbs back to a sense of self-worth.

She and her women friends team up to realize their teenage dreams of becoming popstars, with her Song of the Good Woman. The climax of the book is gloriously triumphant and outrageous.. Even the daughters are impressed.

This novel achieved cult status when The Women's Press first published it in 1994 (as Travels with a Pram and Hot Flush and the Toyboy now out of print) and parts were originally published in She magazine. It is re-published under a new title by Silk Label Books of New York.

'Hilarious account of one woman's experience of motherhood and approaching menopause' Sainsbury Magazine