Cover of Works of Thy Hands - S2990

Works of Thy Hands

Authors:Seal, Gyla Beth
Taylor, January
Genre:Science Fiction
Order Code:S2990

“...feels more ‘serious’ than science fiction...powerful.” Locus Magazine

Finalist 1997 Golden Duck Award for Excellence in Science Fiction

A young man discovers that his mother, a scientist, has been working secretly on a DNA project and has successfully bred children —two boys and a girl. Throughout their childhood, the three youngsters have had no idea that they were artificial creations. They believed that they were the natural children of their mother and her professor husband. Mother was always emotionally cold towards them, yet totally involved in them. She chronicled their every move, their triumphs, and their slightest sniffles. The three young people were far superior to their peers, and as they grew into adulthood, they could be counted on to excel. Now, in emotional limbo as young adults, the two boys find themselves involved with young women, while their sister seeks comfort in the Church. One of the boys begins to explore his origins, only to find a long series of scientific articles by his mother. She has applied for patent numbers rather than birth certificates for the three.

Forbidden by their mother ever to think of marriage, the older boy rebelliously announces his engagement while the other falls for the charms of a young woman and gets her pregnant The couple flees to the Earth colony on Mars to have the child.

“Mother” sues for the return of her property, thus setting the stage for a brilliant courtroom battle. The trial is held with high-powered advocates arguing the case for the scientist and her associates. Issues of “being” and “life” and “human rights” and “property rights” are raised. The young man’s lawyer is superb. The court sets a legal definition, and new direction for humanity is begun.

This is science fiction at its best—exploring the fundamental issues of the human condition.