Cover of 9 Days at Dragoon Springs - S442

9 Days at Dragoon Springs

Author:de la Garza, Phyllis
Order Code:S442
A sneak attack in the night brought terrible wounds to the builders of the Dragoon Springs station on the Overland Stage route. Of the three wounded men, only one had a hope of surviving. The others would die in agony.

The men were found days after the attack and long after the buzzards, maggots, and Cochise had arrived. There ensued a desperate attempt to save the life of the one man, but Cochise had other ideas. He had the superior force and was ready to inflict far more suffering, and the battle to save one life and to get the Overland rolling was to prove very costly.

In this exciting novel, Phyllis de la Garza illuminates the courage, danger, pain, and determination that were all part of the development of the American West.