Cover of Early Sky-Watchers in Botticcelli's Florence - S886

Early Sky-Watchers in Botticcelli's Florence

Author:Jones, Tom O.
Genre:Speculative Fiction
Order Code:S886

Speculative Fiction, Magical Fantasy, the novels of Tom O Jones defy description. They are however a feast of learning and erudition underlying a fantastical, fictional, coming together of ancient prophets, Greek philosohers, Renaissance artists and 19th and 20th century writers, all discussing magic and alchemy, philosophy and science, religion and art in true Renaissance style.

Tom O Jones has fun with history and his words and thoughts tumble off the page in a riot of originality and complexity.

This is the first volume of a future series: Quantum Prophecies in the Magick Apocalypse, bringing to life the inception of European magical thinking in the Renaissance Florence of Botticcelli and Leonardo da Vinci.

Future volumes trace this philosophy through the haunting original minds of Copernicus, Kepler, Blake and Shakespeare.