Genre : Crime Fiction

Cover of Ancestral Voices-S257

Ancestral Voices

Author:Diem Vardamis, Frances

A naked male corpse in a city basement starts a trail to ancient Balkan blood feuds and modern terrorists. Detective Yannis Lavonis of the Athens Police Force befriends the victim's sister and a young Greek-American trying to change the world. In a gruelling race against time Lavonis and his young assistants track them to a mountain hide-out and a dramatic rescue... Read more: Ancestral Voices


Cover of G-Girls-S001


Authors:Sweeney, Paula
Pirone, James

Washington, D.C., 1943. The FBI intercepts a series of messages indicating that the Mafia is using old prohibition smuggling routes to aid an Axis plot to invade Washington. Special Agent Spencer Bradley is ordered by J. Edgar Hoover to devise and carry out a pre-emptive strike... Read more: G-Girls


Cover of Gun Barrels-S398

Gun Barrels

Author:Morreale, P

When five horses belonging to a dwarf country-and-western singer die in a fire of suspicious origins, the aggrieved Arizona HorseLife Insurance Company turns to investigator Steed Wilson to prove fraud.

Steed may be the best that the insurance company can find, but he is having a bad time of it because his wife went missing three years ago, and what kind of investigator is he if he cannot find his own wife?

And now he rapidly finds that this new assignment lies somewhere between thankless and impossible—dangerous territory for even the most intrepid man... Read more: Gun Barrels


Cover of Hot Paints-S565

Hot Paints

Author:Morreale, P

Steed Wilson is on the trail of some stolen horses when he catches sight of his wife, who has been missing for more than three years. This is his chance to solve the most personal mystery as he works on another insurance case. But the truth is bad, and the more he learns, the worse it is... Read more: Hot Paints


Cover of Parker's Blood-S362

Parker's Blood

Author:Miller, William

A famous college/pro football player, Dave Parker, hires a small-time private investigator, Ray Spelling, to help him make payoffs to a blackmailer. But Parker is murdered, and there are too many suspects: the KKK-a neo-Klan group, a militant black leader, and the man who is blackmailing him... Read more: Parker's Blood


Cover of Pity the Children-S230

Pity the Children

Author:Diem Vardamis, Frances

Lavonis is responsible for security at the 2004 Olympic Games, and he must deal with the murder of the teenaged son of an American CIA agent on a cultural visit. This leads him and his young assistants to the underworld of human traffickers and to the morass of high-level corruption... Read more: Pity the Children


Cover of Road Kill-S541

Road Kill

Author:Morreale, P

There is trouble at the Bannister place. Too many deaths, too many insurance claims, and a strange marriage. When the insurance claims get too expensive, Steed Wilson\'s fee for investigating seems very modest. Steed\'s mind is still on his wife, who disappeared, but he is too good an investigator not to sort out the puzzle presented to him... Read more: Road Kill


Cover of Russian Doll-S095

Russian Doll

Author:Diem Vardamis, Frances

The brutal murder of a beautiful Norwegian leads to international complexities. Her lovers were from many countries and her ex-husband was an American diplomat. A compelling story of human passions with a violent, gut-wrenching climax. Captain Yannis Lavonis of the Athens Police Force is yet again caught up in an intense drama with international implications... Read more: Russian Doll


Cover of The Toadstool-S23X

The Toadstool

Author:de la Force, Beatrice
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in response to a frantic phone call from her young aunt, Carrie Danwin returns to the family ranch near Baja, California to find her older aunt dead from mushroom poisoning and the younger missing.

Sure that the death ws not accidental, because Aunt Orva was a botanist, Carrie's search for answers alienates her from the members of her family, who are all suspects, and makes her the murderer's next target... Read more: The Toadstool


Cover of Time Running Out-S592

Time Running Out

Author:Vardemis, Frances Diem
Precious icons were being stolen from monasteries and churches around Greece.  Captain Yannis Lavonis was the  
veteran policeman recruited to  discover the thieves and recover the  precious national treasure.  He was chosen because his  English was good, and it was  assumed that the icons were going west to  American buyers... Read more: Time Running Out


Cover of Vermont Sea Glass-S459

Vermont Sea Glass

Author:Diem Vardamis, Frances

A further adventure of Yannis Lavonis of the Athens Police as he scheduled for an extended period of rest and relaxation in Vermont. But when the house is provided by the CIA, and the local policeman has a clandestine past, rest and relaxation have a way of becoming murder and mayhem... Read more: Vermont Sea Glass