Genre : Romance

Cover of G-Girls-S001


Authors:Sweeney, Paula
Pirone, James

Washington, D.C., 1943. The FBI intercepts a series of messages indicating that the Mafia is using old prohibition smuggling routes to aid an Axis plot to invade Washington. Special Agent Spencer Bradley is ordered by J. Edgar Hoover to devise and carry out a pre-emptive strike... Read more: G-Girls


Cover of The Bog Spell-S358X

The Bog Spell

Author:Sackett, Mike
Online Offer:$7.99

This is the story of Joseph McNulty, an immigrant to the New World following the Starving Time in 19th century Ireland. Historical background is meticulously accurate and the eerie tale against the stark reality is so beautifully conveyed that it is at once shocking, yet sensitive... Read more: The Bog Spell


Cover of The Iron Horse-S176

The Iron Horse

Author:de la Garza, Phyllis

Iris had to make a decision: give herself to the heartless Rafe Benedict or suffer his wrath. She chose the second: he gave her ten days to move her three hundred roaming horses from his range, or he and his hands would shoot them all.

Her brother, Cal, crippled though he was, tied himself to his horse to ride and convinced Iris's old suitor, Will, to help... Read more: The Iron Horse