Genre : Science Fiction

Cover of Getting Back at Boo-S133

Getting Back at Boo

Author:Fontenay, Charles L.

Another generation after the problems at Pembroke, Regal Stern, a Master Modal, is called upon by Bonne Forrest, who lost all her property to a charismatic guru and seeks a Modal to rectify the wrong, Soldier Boo, a Magnetic who has used his charisma to acquire a fanatically devoted following, and often to steal their property, is the man from whom Bonne may or may not want vengeance... Read more: Getting Back at Boo


Cover of MODAL: A Tale of Mind and Body, Love and Heroism in a Possible Future World (Hardcover)-S02-8

MODAL: A Tale of Mind and Body, Love and Heroism in a Possible Future World (Hardcover)

Author:Fontenay, Charles L.
“Action and ideas, adventure and intellect… Modal is terrific science fiction” Ben Bova

“All in all, a book that keeps one reading in gulps to see what is happening next.” Andre Norton

“At last, a literary science fiction novel!’" Gary Roen

Set in an America in which global warming is raising the sea level and driving desperate coastal populations inland... Read more: MODAL: A Tale of Mind and Body, Love and Heroism in a Possible Future World (Hardcover)


MODAL: A Tale of Mind and Body, Love and Heroism, in a Possible Future World (Paperback)

Author:Fontenay, Charles L.
See description for the Hardcover edition


Cover of Overmind-1412


Author:Coffin, Bill
Online Offer:$7.99

An incredible discovery made the ultimate quest seem possible. Using the incomparable prowess of Fyfe Carale, six of the most gifted individuals in the universe were gathered to pool their minds to try to communicate directly with God.


Cover of Power Vector-S441

Power Vector

Authors:Seal, Gyla Beth
Taylor, January
Online Offer:$7.99

What happens when a mega power company invests its payload in a seemingly natural way to create energy and reap huge profits, then covers up a drastic miscalculation that threatens to mutate all life on Earth?

Power-plays are explored on multiple levels through very real characters engaged in family life, backroom business, politics and a love story... Read more: Power Vector


Cover of Second Sight-S206

Second Sight

Author:Kipfer, Roger

Research psychiatrist Jim Riley discovers in a mutant gene in the brain cells of Garwell, a seemingly comatose, deaf and blind patient who has never known a normal life. The gene enables him to see what is happening in someone else’s brain and to project whatever image he wants into his mind... Read more: Second Sight


Target Grant

Author:Fontenay, Charles L.

A time-travel novel by a veteran science fiction author.

Vick, a World War II veteran, one of the liberators of Auschwitz, and a dedicated patriotic son of the South, takes a trip back to 1862 to shoot Grant and change the outcome of the Civil War... Read more: Target Grant


Cover of The Warm Hello-S052

The Warm Hello

Author:Brody, Dylan
Online Offer:$7.99

When aliens send a psychic greeting to the people of Earth, the broadcast causes widespread pain among humans. Accustomed to lives of repressed regret, the people of Earth are ill-prepared for communication that touches their innermost thoughts, their spirits, their most secret sadness... Read more: The Warm Hello


Cover of Walpurgis Night-S079

Walpurgis Night

Author:Vance, Steve
Online Offer:$7.99

A tale of action, adventure, horror and mystery, driven by blazing energy to a doubly explosive climax. Leaves the reader gasping for the resolution amid unforgettable images.

The year is 2020. Kassel, California, a West Coast German enclave, derives a majority of its income from Stockton Tower, a huge, vertical mall, a 53-story shopping complex just three-quarters of a mile offshore... Read more: Walpurgis Night


Cover of Works of Thy Hands-S2990

Works of Thy Hands

Authors:Seal, Gyla Beth
Taylor, January

“...feels more ‘serious’ than science fiction...powerful.” Locus Magazine

Finalist 1997 Golden Duck Award for Excellence in Science Fiction

A young man discovers that his mother, a scientist, has been working secretly on a DNA project and has successfully bred children —two boys and a girl... Read more: Works of Thy Hands