Genre : Short Stories

Cover of Journeys. A Collection of Short Stories-S534

Journeys. A Collection of Short Stories

Author:Sullivan, Paul
Paul Sullivan’s collection of short stories, Journeys, includes fifteen well-written moments, each of them plunging the reader into the world of a character that is at an exciting, terrifying, or devastating point. The reader travels with Sullivan from the Arctic Sound, where a Inuit boy is hunting seal with his father for the first time, to Africa, where a safari hunting guide finds himself so guilty over the kill of a respected leopard, he begins to believe that the leopard’s ghost is after him... Read more: Journeys. A Collection of Short Stories


Cover of Selling America-S389

Selling America

Author:Tolnay, Tom

Selling America is a volume of 18 stories each very different from the other but each with on the theme of commercial transactions--selling and buying in all its forms--and their impact on the people and culture of the United States.

Can you keep your humanity and integrity whilst driving a hard bargain on which your own livelihood depends? A door-to-door salesman selling products of dubious value is finally disturbed by a string of successes... Read more: Selling America


Cover of Turned to Bronze-7718

Turned to Bronze

Author:Shaw, Jim

A collection of short stories: Prisoner of War, The Last Cowboy, Endangered Species, Creamsicle Skies, Second-Class Citizens, Frankie and Lonnie, A Special Gift for the Pigeon Man, What Goes Around Comes Around, Lady Midas, The Comedian, The Legend of Mirror Lake, Three Nellies, Dancing with Stella, Did He Win?

These stories range from the story of the Vietnam veteran who is visited by the bronze soldiers in the memorial before he can finally get some peace, to men remembering the kids in school who were bullied; from a hunter lost in the wilds saved by a Native American, to a businesswoman who finds she has money but at the crucial time no friends; from old men who are allowed to live and thrive on their stories, to how to survive when left behind in a hurricane... Read more: Turned to Bronze