Genre : Short Stories

Cover of Journeys. A Collection of Short Stories-S534

Journeys. A Collection of Short Stories

Author:Sullivan, Paul
Paul Sullivan’s collection of short stories, Journeys, includes fifteen well-written moments, each of them plunging the reader into the world of a character that is at an exciting, terrifying, or devastating point. The reader travels with Sullivan from the Arctic Sound, where a Inuit boy is hunting seal with his father for the first time, to Africa, where a safari hunting guide finds himself so guilty over the kill of a respected leopard, he begins to believe that the leopard’s ghost is after him... Read more: Journeys. A Collection of Short Stories


Cover of Selling America-S389

Selling America

Author:Tolnay, Tom

Selling America is a volume of 18 stories each very different from the other but each with on the theme of commercial transactions--selling and buying in all its forms--and their impact on the people and culture of the United States.

Can you keep your humanity and integrity whilst driving a hard bargain on which your own livelihood depends? A door-to-door salesman selling products of dubious value is finally disturbed by a string of successes... Read more: Selling America