Disappearance of Lucinda
Disappearance of Lucinda

Author: Phyllis de la Garza

Genre: The Old West, Westerns

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Price: $14.99

A dead horse and a missing woman—”another Indian depredation,” it was called. El Cajon, a cool and competent Mexican-Indian, does not believe the Indian story about Lucinda, whom he loved. Luther McCane knows that his older sister did not fall into the hands of Indians, but what exactly does he know, and why is he trying to hide the truth?

Luther mistreats his horses and abuses women, deluded into thinking that both should come under his will by force. But El Cajon notices everything and is not a man to mess with—as Luther finds out to his extreme discomfort. A tense, suspenseful ending involves El Cajon accused of a murder committed by Luther and Luther discovered to have deliberately “salted” a mine to make it look like gold. Just desserts are, finally, the order of the day in this intriguing novel.

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