Authors: Paula Sweeney, James Pirone

Genre: Crime Fiction, Romance

Order Code: 7008

Price: $9.99

The year is 1943. The FBI intercepts a series of messages indicating that the Mafia is using old Prohibition smuggling routes to aid an Axis plot to invade Washington, DC. Special Agent Spencer Bradley is ordered by President J. Edgar Hoover to devise and carry out a preemptive strike. Bradley faces a shortage of manpower for the first phase of the operation, which must discover the missing pieces of the puzzle. He turns to government women, G-Girls, who are working desk jobs abandoned by men who have gone to war. Tough and idealistic, Bradley dares to train the G-Girls as FBI Mata Haris. This novel contains an emotional cast that is swept along in a war-time vortex of intrigue and romance.

G-Girls is based on fact. There was a boarding house in DC that was home to several of the characters, and Hoover did suspect subversive groups of planning an invasion of Washington from within and using black market ships to transport ammunition and spies.

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