The Warm Hello
The Warm Hello

Author: Dylan Brody

Genre: Science Fiction

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Price: $7.99

When aliens send a psychic greeting to the people of Earth, the broadcast causes widespread pain among humans. Accustomed to lives of repressed regret, the people of Earth are ill-prepared for a communication that touches their innermost thoughts, their spirits, their most secret sadness.

Taking the painful greeting as an unprovoked assault, the U.S. government trains and sends forth a small team to destroy the alien visitors before they can launch a second attack. However, if the intrepid team succeeds in its assigned mission, innocent aliens will die, taking with them humanity’s first chance to learn something about its true place in the universe, its true purpose in the cosmic scheme.

Can a few frightened Earthers overcome their fear and sadness long enough to save the lives of some odd-looking creatures from another world? If so, they might just change the way people look at life, death, and the great clockwork design of the universe. The moral of the story is the oneness of all beings, dispite their differences.

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