Getting Back at Boo
Getting Back at Boo

Author: Charles L. Fontenay

Genre: Science Fiction

Series: Modal Series

Order Code: S133

Price: $9.99

Getting Back at Boo is the sequel to Modal: A Tale of Mind and Body, Love and Heroism in a Possible Future World.

A generation after the problems at Pembroke, Master Modal Regal Stern is called upon by Bonne Forrest, who lost all her property to a charismatic guru and seeks a Modal to rectify the wrong. Soldier Boo is a Magnetic who has used his charisma to acquire a fanatically devoted following—often to steal their property. He may or may not be the guru who wronged Bonne. Boo is a difficult case for Stern because of his power, so the Master Modal enlists the help of Coral Cordova, a Modal of the feminine persuasion.

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