Second Sight
Second Sight

Author: Roger Kipfer

Genre: Science Fiction

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Price: $9.99

Research psychiatrist Jim Riley discovers a mutant gene in the brain cells of Garwell, a seemingly comatose, deaf, and blind patient who has never known a normal life. The gene enables him to see what is happening in someone else’s brain and to project whatever image he wants into his mind.

It turns out that the research, which is funded by a mysterious benefactor deep in the heart of a fortified mountain, is of vital importance to two different factions: one who wishes to use it for the good of humankind and the other for its destruction. The discovery, of course, has to be kept secret, and inevitably Riley decides to inject himself with the gene to see how it works.

The results are astonishing and lead to the finding of a remarkable woman with second sight who turns out to be Garwell's biological mother and who is apparently 125 years old. She shows Riley how to probe minds and how to utilize the power when the lives of the researchers are in danger in a series of thrilling adventures.

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