Selling America
Selling America

Author: Tom Tolnay

Genre: Short Stories

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Selling America is a book of eighteen short stories, some light, some dark, each involving selling and buying in one form or another and its impact on the people and culture of the United States. Brilliantly written by award-winning storyteller Tom Tolnay, these enthralling and challenging tales will resonate with anyone who has ever been in sales, has had to live with someone in sales, or has made a purchase—that is, all of us.

Can you keep your integrity while driving a hard bargain on which your livelihood depends? A door-to-door salesman selling products of dubious value is disturbed by a string of successes. If you take consumerism and competition to extremes, what could happen? Two neighbors from competing insurance companies allow their homes to be destroyed rather than cooperate with each other. A customer tries to destroy a store selling death, only to meet his own fate. A greedy diner in a restaurant eats until he literally explodes.

In his introduction, Tolnay writes: “...with every dollar bill that changes hands, it seems, we spend a few more cents of our limited reserves of humanity.” Tolnay's experience in marketing is apparent, and his stories are thought-provoking.

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